Trade with € 200,000 without risk.

We overcome for you all the challenges of the various prop firms up to 200k and if we fail we will fully refund the cost of the service


We offer you the opportunity to finally trade with € 200,000

Overcoming Challenge

You give us the keys of your account and we help you to pass all the verification phases in order to access your live account.

With our strategies you will have an edge over the common retail trader thus having the almost mathematical probability of automatically passing the challenge.

Account Management

This service is only valid for accounts starting from 100k upwards.

Once you have passed the verification phases, we take care of your live account making you earn thanks to our strategies.

You will pay us as a percentage of the results.

Because being funded is right for you.

It is now established that trading should be taken as a real job if you want to make a monthly income.

But every worker has his own tools, and the trader's tools are the money he trades with.

There is no trader in the world capable of creating their own financial freedom with an account of 10,000 euros, even making a 10% per month means bringing only 1k per month in profits, very few if you want to live exclusively by trading.

An interesting solution that the trading world offers us is to try to overcome the various challenges, which in the face of a commission to access the challenge and overcoming it release us accounts up to 200k to operate with their money and enjoy the most profits.

Why 95% of traders fail the challenges?

The main problem with these challenges, however, is that although they are made for traders, they are not made for ordinary traders to win.

The particular conditions that these challenges impose on you put you in a different environment than usual and mean that much of what you have learned is even counterproductive.

It is precisely for this reason that overcoming a challenge can be extremely complicated and sometimes impossible, if we then add the psychological factor of working with all that money it is evident how these props are capable of subjugating you and stealing your money, giving you hope and putting insurmountable walls on you. for a trader who has learned to operate in a "normal" context.

To overcome the challenges, a different approach is needed.

You cannot leave anything to chance, but at the same time you must be willing to take risks in very important positions to overcome the challenges in the required percentages and within the required time limits.

It is precisely in this that we at TheSucessfulTrading specialize.

We have developed a series of strategies that to date allow us to overcome about 96% of the challenges.

And this is also the reason why today we are the only ones able to offer such a powerful guarantee.

Not only if we are unable to overcome any challenge you decide to take, we will refund you the service, but also the cost of the challenge itself.

This is because, as experienced traders, we are able to calculate our risk and profit very well.

By overcoming 9 out of 10 challenges we earn much more than the refunds we will have to give

Our statistics


      +350 CHALLENGE

       +100               ACCOUNT

More than 350 challenges overcome thanks to us.

We will overcome any challenge, without risk for you.

And the reason we do this is simple: diversify our portfolio.

Yes, we could just do it for us and keep our accounts (each of our coaches has many accounts of the various props he operates on daily).

But why not help others and at the same time create an incredible service that gets you into our company and introduces you to everything else we have to offer?

We are sure that once you have tested the quality we have to offer you, and once we have completely broken down the walls that block you from being a truly profitable trader, you will continue to use our services and buy our courses and courses in the future. our future services.

So if you want to get your next account of whatever prop you want this is the right time to get it risk-free.

Remember that we offer you a guarantee and if we do not pass the challenge, you will be entitled to a refund equal to 100% of our service.


We have helped more than 350 people to reach their goal and overcome the challenges.

The next will be YOU.

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